Aerial photographs / aerial photos


Aerial Photography

Aerial photographs for photomontage in 3D visualization

drio-favicon-innenarchitekt-hannoverAerial photography is a technical genre that provides photographic images of terrain and buildings from the bird’s eye view. Aerial photographs are a complement in 3D visualization. For a realistic composition, high-quality images are an essential prerequisite. The successful implementation plays an important role for the interior design. Aerial photographs and 3D representations support human imagination. Virtual walks through a room can provide a perfect and realistic impression by means of the three-dimensional representation.

Various techniques in aerial photography

drio-favicon-innenarchitekt-hannoverOne differentiates between oblique photographs and vertical photographs. The oblique photograph is also referred to as slanted photograph. With the aid of the so-called photogrammetry, 3D photographs can be generated that depict architecture and interior architecture models in an original and three-dimensional manner. Further differences are found in the degree setting of the camera inclination. At an inclination of 5 to 15 degrees relative to the perpendicular, the term steep angle shot is common. Up to 60 degrees it’s termed an oblique photograph, and up to 90 degrees it´s termed a flat photograph.

The perpendicular photograph is taken perpendicularly from above. Both variants, oblique photographs and vertical photographs, are used in 3D visualization. For the representation of a room concept using 3D technology, aerial images provide a good support. As an interior designer in Hanover, we offer a thorough implementation, which gives you a positive impression.


The virtual tour

drio-favicon-innenarchitekt-hannoverRegardless of what we plan for you: With the 3D visualization and the combination with aerial photographs you see the space, the design and the furnishings from all sides. Whether we work as an interior designer in Hanover for your private rooms, design your showroom, furnish your business or restaurant, the aerial photographs complement the 3D technology and enable you to explore the virtual model. We integrate all components meaningfully so that a realistic impression is shown. We offer you a good foundation for decision making. What the layout on paper or screen is not capable of, is provided by 3D visualization in combination with an aerial photograph: What you get from us you see in a lifelike illustration.