Architectural CGI - 3D visualization

Interior design – Architectural CGI

Your interior design team from Hanover works with photo-realistic 3D visualizations


drio-favicon-innenarchitekt-hannoverComputer Generated Imagery (CGI) is the 3D visualization that is created by means of special computer programs. The result visualizes either pictures or films. Your interior designer in Hanover thus creates virtual spaces and gives you an overall impression. On the basis of the technical drawings and the existing data on the ground plan and other measurements, we develop three-dimensional spaces with the appropriate furnishings using 3D visualization.

Architectural CGI is what the human imagination can hardly provide. Imagine, for example, that your dream space exists as an idea – but there is a lack in the ability to see exactly this space with a different floor, a special lighting concept, a different wall design in front of your inner eye. It becomes even more difficult when it comes to the positioning of furniture or shop furnishings. On the drawn layout everything looks different than in reality. With 3D visualization, the interior architect shows you a realistic picture, which you can view from several angles.

How does 3D visualization work?

drio-favicon-innenarchitekt-hannoverWe distinguish between two variants. The first method is based on the free modelling of existing layouts and data. The second option uses the import of existing CAD data. CAD means Computer Aided Design, which is a design that is developed with computer support. All data and dimensions are stored at the time of input. This allows for a subsequent change or adjustment at any time. The individual elements can be designed as desired. To stay with the previous example: The bar counter in your bar should be one meter longer? No problem – we change the length at the click of a mouse instead of erasing and redrawing the plan as before. You will see the dimensions and the distances between the individual objects, and you will get an overview of the overall effect.

What can be displayed?

drio-favicon-innenarchitekt-hannoverEverything. This short answer is not an exaggeration but a fact. We are able to integrate all conceivable elements.