Showroom - 3D visualization

Showroom – 3D Visualisierung


Showroom: Your interior designer in Hanover shapes your showroom with style and devotion to detail!

drio-favicon-innenarchitekt-hannoverThe showroom is a presentation area that you as a business owner can use diversely. Design plays a decisive role for efficient use. As your interior designer in Hanover, we are experts in designing your showroom. Design and planning are based on your specifications. We develop solutions for walls, ceilings and floors, provide the necessary furniture and take care of the technical conditions. Your corporate design is always integrated. This is how we create a showroom that you can identify with. Your customers and business partners will come upon a pleasant atmosphere.

What should the showroom offer?

First and foremost, it is an additional place where you can present your products and services. The sojourn of your customers should be as pleasant as possible. That is why we ensure a harmonious ambience, which also takes into account, for example, the room acoustics. Your interior designer in Hanover will work with you to determine which furnishings are necessary for your showroom. The question is whether you want fixed or mobile and flexible furnishing. A zone for meetings and an area where you can provide refreshments can also be an integral part.

The showroom as a marketing tool


drio-favicon-innenarchitekt-hannoverThe success of a company depends to a large extent on efficient marketing and targeted advertising campaigns. For this purpose, the showroom is ideally appropriate, if there is a proper concept. Your interior designer in Hanover will advise you on all aspects revolving around the topics of design. The design is carefully tailored to your needs. With 3D visualization, you will get an insight into how your showroom will look like and what possibilities it offers beforehand. The integration of your personal corporate design gives the space an individual character. Discuss with us your ideas and concepts! We find a successful solution that meets your expectations down to the last detail. Your interior design team in Hanover also has an extensive network so that you are in the best hands when it comes to practical implementation.