Exhibition design

Exhibition – 3D visualization

Target group oriented exhibition design from design to completion by Drio Design – Interior design from Hanover


drio-favicon-innenarchitekt-hannoverWe take care of the complete planning, create the design and ensure a smooth implementation in the development of exhibition stands. The interior designer in Hanover plans and builds stands for domestic fairs, trade fairs, general exhibitions and specialized exhibitions. We offer expertise and know-how. Orientation towards customer requests as well as at the external conditions is the basis for a successful implementation. A comprehensive consulting service and a comprehensive service complement our service as an interior designer in Hanover.

Your interior designer in Hanover presents ideas and suggestions. In a detailed briefing we will explore the basic conditions and the expectations that the exhibition design should meet. The interior designer in Hanover needs the key data to design a complete concept.

Relevant criteria for the exhibition design


drio-favicon-innenarchitekt-hannoverIn the area of marketing the general data of the exhibitor plays a role. What should be presented at the trade fair, which competitors participate? Critical remarks on earlier trade fair appearances are also useful. What went well, what needs to be improved in the future?

The trade fair data provide the interior designer, among other things, with information about the name of the trade fair, time and place. Where is the stand to be positioned, what is the dimension of the space available? The size and type of the stand are decisive factors. Questions concerning the details, such as supply lines, lighting conditions and structural conditions in the exhibition hall, are of crucial importance for planning.

The interior designer in Hanover as a specialist for exhibition design

drio-favicon-innenarchitekt-hannoverIn order to determine the correct stand size and the particular design, extensive communication is necessary. Is a one-time or multiple use planned, how much stand personnel is constantly on, which visitor rank is expected? In addition, the requirements for furniture and facilities are important. The division into various zones is possible for larger stands.

Presentations, promotions, special events: Is the mere exhibition and presentation of products planned or are there special campaigns and events taking place? Is communication media being used and if so, which ones? Should events be held for customers or press conferences?

After the preliminary work, the in-depth planning begins. Naturally, your interior design team in Hanover is taking into account the corporate design of the customer. The interior design team in Hanover shows how the stand will look like using cutting-edge tools. With 3D visualization you can get a perfect impression.

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