Flag Ship Store


Flag Ship Store – 3D visualization

Professional shopfitting for your business from the interior designer in Hanover

drio-favicon-innenarchitekt-hannoverWe offer the equipment and interior furnishings for flag ship stores, business premises and retail outlets. The furnishings are designed for the sales purpose but are especially designed for your specific concept and needs. Your interior designer in Hanover takes on the entire process from the design stage through planning to the realization. When you inaugurate, then you are certainly at the right place. As an interior designer in Hanover, we are also your competent partner for the redesign of an existing business.

Your project is in good hands with us. All individual components are closely coordinated with you. The design conforms to the type of store and takes into account your specific target group. The individual orientation towards the buyer group as well as the type of product presentation and product placement are components for your future success. The sales area, consisting of the components walls, floor, furnishings and lighting, is given both a functional and aesthetically appealing design. We collaborate closely with the executing handcraft businesses and suppliers. We also take on the furnishing of your social and other auxiliary rooms.

Interior design and shopfitting: Aesthetics and functionality in harmony

drio-favicon-innenarchitekt-hannoverEach branch has its own requirements. In the fashion sector the store performs a quite different task than in the food sector. Somebody who buys technology has different expectations than the customer in the trendy pop-up store. As an interior designer in Hanover, we pay attention to your special needs and develop concepts that match your industry and target group.

In order for you to already get an idea of the planning phase, we use the possibilities of 3D visualization. You see a comprehensive room concept and can implement your change requests together with us. As an expert in shopfitting, your interior designer offers innovative ideas and competent solutions. The design in shopfitting supports your appearance in the retail market. Whether it’s a small boutique, an organic grocery store or a spacious shop, we’ll find the right concept. The technology in your new store will also be taken into account. Refrigeration and storage facilities are implemented in the layout to your satisfaction. The objective of making shopping an experience can be achieved with the support of your interior designer in Hanover.